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Property Tools to Help with Buying Real Estate on the French Riviera

Property Tools

Buying property on the French Riviera has never been easier. House-hunting has gone digital, and there are endless mobile apps and online tools available to take the stress out of purchasing a new home.

From checking the price per m² in your chosen neighbourhood to redesigning your interior, everything you need for your new property can now be found on your mobile phone or tablet.

We’ve rounded up 10 of the very best property tools and apps around to ensure your search for a home on the French Riviera goes smoothly.

Check out our selection below to find out more and to take your real estate purchase to the next level:


So, you’ve decided to make a move to the French Riviera, and you’ve chosen your favourite location along the coast. But deciding which part of town to live in isn’t always easy, which is where CityScan comes in.

This handy website allows you to enter up to 4 addresses in any given town and then generates a detailed report about your chosen area. From a list of the local schools and nearby shops and amenities to the type of mobile/internet coverage in the area, CityScan is the easiest way to get to know your new neighbourhood before you move in.


Once you’ve decided which neighbourhood suits you best, the next step is to view some properties.

To save yourself valuable time, make sure you download the Bienvisiter application to your phone first. This useful little app will guide you through each visit by providing a list of property details to check with your agent.

The list is organised by theme and covers a range of areas from insulation to electricity, security to soundproofing.

The app also allows you to upload photos and enter notes about each property you view, so you can compare your favourites before making the all-important decision to buy.


Now you've started visiting properties in the area, it's time to check out the price range in your area.

By entering the address of the property you’re interested in on the La Cote Immo website, you will be able to see a detailed report of the price-per-square-metre for real estate in the neighbourhood.

You will also be able to obtain additional information about the type of properties nearby.

With details about real estate size, ownership and usage, La Cote Immo will help give you a clearer picture about your new area before you move in.

Vigilance Bruit

Viewing a property is definitely the best way to discover more about it for yourself. But there are certain details which might go overlooked during your visit, including the level of noise in and around the area.

To find out more about the noise levels in your chosen neighbourhood, head to the Vigilance Bruit website. Set up by the French government, this site is the best way to check out any potential noise pollution around your new home.

In just a few clicks you’ll be able to estimate the noise level in your area and make sure your property is the haven of peace you’ve been dreaming of.

Trajectoire du Soleil

The French Riviera is blessed with over 300 days of sunshine per year. So, whether you prefer to catch the morning sun or watch the last evening rays disappear over the horizon, this is the place to be.

And thanks to the new Trajectoire du Soleil app, you can now visualise sunlight conditions for your home at the touch of a button. Just download the app online and then use your phone’s compass to find out which way your property faces and where the sun will hit at any time of day throughout the year.

That done, all you need to do is simply sit back and enjoy that magical golden light from the comfort of your own home.

This is what life on the French Riviera is all about after all.


If you’re planning on purchasing your French Riviera property as a rental investment, Rendementlocatif is the website for you.

As a premium user, you can enter your postcode and/or location to discover the type of return you can expect from your property.

Based on the property’s type, size, location and proximity to local amenities, you will get a monthly or yearly estimate of its net rental income.

So whether you’re hoping to use your new property as a holiday let or a long long-term rental, checking out this website first is the best way to avoid any surprises further down the line.


Once you’ve found the perfect property, it’s time to start the purchase process.

When buying real estate in France, the services of a competent notary are vital. Your notary will guide you through the purchase procedure and be on hand to advise you on legal issues throughout.

But of course, their services come at a cost, and you will probably want to check just how much before completing your purchase.

To calculate exactly how much your notary will charge, simply download the Creditimmo app and enter a few details about your transaction.

Then sit back and wait as the app does all the hard work for you, buying property has never been so easy.

HomeStyler Interior Design

Contract signed and keys in hand, the next step is to make your new home your own.

Luckily, creating a comfortable and stylish interior is now a very simple task thanks to the HomeStyler app.

Homestyler provides links to the very latest in homeware, soft furnishings and accessories, with plenty of inspiration for your interior design.

Browse their range of styles ranging from the traditional to the ultra-contemporary from your phone or Ipad.

Then simply upload photos of your new property to change your floor plan, colour palette and interior decoration at the push of a button.

Mon Jardin, Ma Terrasse

Once the interior of your new home is finished, you’ll probably want to turn your attention to your outside space.

With the help of the website Mon Jardin, Ma Terrasse, landscaping your new garden or terrace will be a breeze.

Use this online tool to upload photos of your grounds and receive recommendations for choosing plants and greenery specially adapted to the French Riviera and its balmy Mediterranean climate.

To take your garden to the next level, you can also enlist the help of one of the site’s landscape architects to create a fabulous exterior you can enjoy all year round.

Around Me

Your new home is finished, and life on the glamorous French Riviera awaits, it’s time to explore your new neighbourhood.

To make sure you know where the best place is to get coffee, grab a drink with friends or go out for the evening, you’ll need to download the Around Me app.

This brilliant little app has all the information you need to make you feel at home in the South of France.

From your nearest cashpoint to your local hospital, whatever you’re looking for, Around Me will find it for you at the touch of a button.


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