Cannes Croisette Real Estate for sale

What about letting yourself go and dreaming on the mythical promenade of Cannes? Renowned and admired by all, the famous Croisette is where nature and the city face each other.

To swim, rest, eat, have fun, walk, go shopping, the Croisette, which begins with the famous Palais des Festivals, is a place you never get tired of and where you can keep yourself busy night and day. Discover our selection of properties for sale with a breathtaking view of the Croisette and the sea. Contact one of our agents and arrange a visit.

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About Cannes and its Croisette district

A city that symbolises the French Riviera, Cannes has carved out a special place in the hearts of visitors. Whether it’s for a summer break or a longer stay, the city is a magnet. With its superb beaches, top-quality Mediterranean climate, dream setting and numerous events, Cannes is a magnet.

The town has transformed itself over the years. No longer a small fishing village, Cannes has become the capital of the cinema. Once there, you can also discover some superb and prestigious palaces (Carlton, Martinez…).

The Croisette is one of the city’s most famous landmarks. This area is the star attraction for the stars. This emblematic boulevard of Cannes is a fabulous place to live, with a harmonious blend of nature and the city. The area is bustling throughout the day, but also at night.

The Croisette stretches for over 3 km between pine and palm trees and between the Palais des Festivals and Port Canto. This area is a real eye-catcher. There’s the fine sandy beach, as well as great restaurants and luxury boutiques. Originally, the Croisette was just a coastal path. Then it became the centre of Cannes. The Palais des Festivals is one of the main buildings in this area. But in Cannes, you can also get away from it all and take advantage of the city’s other assets: the historic Suquet district, the sublime beaches, the Lérins islands and the Forville market.
Buying a luxury property in Cannes means you can take advantage of all these marvels. And if you opt for the Croisette district, you’ll be able to make the most of this famous and luxurious area. Here, you can enjoy breathtaking views over the Mediterranean and stroll through a dream setting of luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants and upmarket fashion boutiques.

Moving to the Croisette district of Cannes is an extraordinary experience that inspires the desire to live in an exclusive place where luxury living is revealed, reserved for those who can afford a prestigious property.

In Cannes, you’ll be immersed in a world of breathtaking luxury. The shops compete in elegance and the prices reflect the value of this exceptional place. Of course, living in Cannes comes with a hefty price tag, but that’s part and parcel of the prestige that surrounds this unique place.

Living in Cannes also means benefiting from a dynamic and booming employment market. Professional opportunities abound, making it easy to find a job in a variety of sectors.

But there’s more to Cannes than its bourgeois by-your-side. It’s also a place of unparalleled entertainment. Once you’ve purchased your luxury property in Cannes, you’ll have a wide range of activities to discover. Stroll through the narrow medieval streets of the Suquet district, admire the Notre-Dame-de-l’Espérance church and savour the breathtaking panoramic views over the Vieux Port. Spend a day on the Lérins Islands, just opposite the Vieux Port, or explore Cannes’ magnificent coastline on a boat trip. And of course, as the birthplace of cinema, Cannes also offers the famous Chemin des Étoiles, a tribute to the legends of the 7th art.

The Croisette in Cannes is much more than just a residential area, it’s a haven of peace where every moment is an invitation to experience life in a magical and luxurious way. So get ready to be dazzled by this idyllic destination, which has everything you need to live the dream.

Cannes is an upmarket city, and the Croisette district is its symbol par excellence. The area is home to a large number of prestigious residences and top-of-the-range buildings. Buying a luxury flat in Cannes – Croisette will require considerable financial outlay. The price per square metre here is indeed high, but to buy a particularly luxurious flat in Cannes with a superb sea view, it’s best to look at the properties on offer in the Croisette area.

This is the main area in which to buy luxury property in Cannes. Superb flats, nestling in the heart of luxury buildings, are presented by expert agencies in the field. They feature superb terraces with magnificent views over the Mediterranean, spacious rooms and top-of-the-range comforts. If you prefer to buy a luxury villa in Cannes, the choice will be more limited, but it is still possible, and buying a luxury villa in Cannes – Croisette will give you unrivalled satisfaction.

The Croisette has seen a major boom in its property market in recent years. Buying a luxury property in the Croisette district is highly sought-after, and prices are high, depending on the property’s location, standing and view.

Nevertheless, the Croisette remains an ideal choice for investing in Cannes. But for a successful luxury property purchase on the Croisette, it’s important to be accompanied by a professional. That way, you can make the right choice to suit your desires and your budget.

Cannes is the perfect place to enjoy what is considered to be the French art of living. A dream setting in which to relax, numerous terraces where you can remake the world while sipping a drink facing the sea, luxury boutiques displaying the creative spirit of France with the big names in fashion and luxury.

But buying luxury real estate in Cannes also means enjoying a rare place where you feel particularly at home. And feeling good is also part of the French art of living.

In Cannes, you can take advantage of all the assets available locally and enjoy your daily life. You can chat to passers-by on the beach, dress in luxury clothing that will be noticed at a glance, or sample top-of-the-range cuisine to discover French culinary art in the best possible conditions.

Buying a luxury flat in Cannes will be an excellent opportunity to take full advantage of the French art of living.

When you think of Cannes, you immediately think of the Cannes Film Festival. It’s a celebration of the cinema that leaves its mark on people’s minds, and you can of course discover the stars of the industry by staying in Cannes, on the Croisette. Buying a luxury villa on the Croisette is an excellent opportunity to take part in this major event.

But the festival isn’t the only event you can enjoy once you’re settled in. In February/March, the International Games Festival will introduce you to the world of games, both traditional and more surprising. If you’re a dance fan, why not attend the Dance Festival in November?

Summer in Cannes is synonymous with fabulous shows. The Festival d’Art Pyrotechnique takes place on the seafront in July and August. The public gather on the Croisette to witness a fascinating show. This festival is a jousting match between professionals to create a unique and fabulous moment.

You can also head out to the surrounding area to discover the Lemon Festival, the Nice Carnival and the Monaco Grand Prix.

Are you looking to move to or invest in the emblematic Croisette district of Cannes? Don’t hesitate to contact us! As specialists in prestige real estate, we’ll find you the rare property you’re looking for on the Côte d’Azur.

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