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Surrounded by Grasse, the fragrance city, and Mougins, one of the most beautiful villages of the French Riviera, Mouans-Sartoux is a town steeped in history like most of the villages in the region. Would you like to live in a quiet village with a mild climate during winter and sunny weather almost all year round, while being close to the beaches, the Mediterranean Sea and Nice International airport ? Then do not wait any longer ! Discover our portfolio of properties in the village of Mouans-Sartoux, contact one of our agents and arrange a visit.

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About luxury villas for sale in Mouans-Sartoux

Mouans-Sartoux is a real hidden gem on the French Riviera. Situated between Cannes and Grasse, this charming town boasts an authentic atmosphere and lush green surroundings. Its gentle hills and colourful gardens are irresistible! The olive groves and flower gardens used by the local perfume factories bear witness to its rich past.

The origins of Mouans-Sartoux date back to the Middle Ages. Its 16th-century château, restored in the 19th century and transformed into a contemporary art centre, remains a must-see for lovers of culture and history. The tradition of producing flowers for the Grasse perfume industry continues to this day.

Today, Mouans-Sartoux attracts families, couples and the elderly in search of serenity and beauty. Its picturesque little streets, shady squares and weekly markets are just some of its attractions. Walkers will also find plenty to do here, with numerous footpaths around the town.

If you decide to move to Mouans-Sartoux, you’ll benefit above all from an idyllic living environment. Nestling in a region renowned for its natural beauty, this commune boasts an exceptional setting that harmoniously combines tranquillity and dynamism. The reason for this? Lively weekly markets, an extremely rich cultural scene and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy on your own, with family or friends.

Mouans-Sartoux’s geographical location is a major asset. Just a few minutes from the Mediterranean beaches and surrounding mountains, it offers easy access to towns such as Antibes and Grasse, as well as a lazy day at the beach or cultural visits.

Food lovers will appreciate the variety of restaurants, from local bistros to refined establishments. What’s more, the Provencal market is a great place to discover local delicacies.

The town is also ideal for families, with its parks, hiking trails and sports facilities. Whether you’re thinking of buying a luxury villa in Mougins and the surrounding area, or a luxury flat in Mouans-Sartoux, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

If you’re thinking of buying a luxury property in Mougins and the surrounding area, there are a number of key factors that need to be carefully considered to find your future haven. Whether you’re looking for an unusual residence or a flat with a breathtaking view over the canal, our teams will make your dream come true. Here are a few valuable tips when buying a luxury property in Mouans-Sartoux :

  • Don’t overlook the outside spaces. They’re essential if you want to make the most of the Mediterranean climate. Our Mouans-Sartoux properties are equipped with inviting terraces and well-designed gardens, perfect for spending time with family and friends;
  • Wherever possible, you’ll enjoy one or more views over the countryside. Mouans-Sartoux is renowned for its breathtaking views of the surrounding hills. Don’t hesitate to discover our properties with breathtaking panoramas, ideal for inspiration and rejuvenation;
  • Think swimming pool. For those planning to spend the summer on the French Riviera, a property with a private pool is an undeniable asset. It will give you the chance to keep cool on the hottest days, but it will also allow you to organise social evenings;
  • Provide storage space. We can never have enough storage! So, whether you’re looking to buy a luxury villa in Mouans-Sartoux for your holidays or as your main residence, come and explore those in our catalogue that have cellars, spacious basements or covered car parks.

Imagine a setting where charm, elegance and comfort come together in harmony. That’s the promise of the French Riviera, and in particular of towns like Mouans-Sartoux and Mougins, a veritable paradise for those in search of tranquillity and proximity.

The French art of living is reflected in picturesque landscapes and a pleasant climate all year round. Whether in the lush green hills of Mouans-Sartoux or around the MIP garden, every corner exudes serenity. The Mediterranean, with its sunny beaches and crystal-clear waters, adds a touch of magic.

The cultural wealth of the towns and cities of the south is impressive. Art galleries, festivals and exhibitions bring the region to life. The contemporary art centre at the Château de Mouans-Sartoux attracts art lovers from all over the world.

The gastronomic scene is another pillar of the French art de vivre. Local markets, olives, cheeses, seafood and wines will delight your taste buds. Restaurants, bistros and Michelin-starred establishments will help you discover the delights of Provençal cuisine.

Living on the French Riviera means enjoying a wide range of outdoor activities: hiking, cycling, water sports and strolling through picturesque little streets.

The Alpes-Maritimes department offers exceptional property potential. Are you looking to buy a luxury flat in Mougins and the surrounding area as your main residence? Are you on the verge of buying a luxury Mouans-Sartoux property as a holiday home? The region is sure to leave you speechless with its diverse range of luxury homes with breathtaking views and modern amenities. Each property has been designed to provide you with the utmost comfort and enjoyment in one of the world’s most beautiful locations.

Mouans-Sartoux has a reputation for being a dynamic town. To keep local life lively, it organises a wide range of events throughout the year. These include

  • In April, the honey festival brings together honey lovers to celebrate the products of local beekeeping;
  • June is a particularly lively month, with two flagship events: the music festival and the pottery festival, showcasing regional crafts;
  • In July and August, the Château’s summer evenings will transform it into a magical place with night-time shows and entertainment;
  • September will see a gourmet market;
  • In October, the book festival will attract literature lovers with meetings with writers and workshops;
  • In November and December, the town organises the traditional “santon fair” to prepare its residents for the festivities at the end of the year.

If you would like to buy a luxury villa in Mouans-Sartoux or organise a private viewing with a view to purchasing a luxury flat in Mougins and the surrounding area, don’t hesitate to contact our agency. Our staff, with their proven expertise, are at your side to help you make the most of your luxury property purchase in Mougins and the surrounding area.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the market and our extensive selection of top-of-the-range properties, we can support you throughout your project. Are you thinking of buying a luxury property in Mouans-Sartoux or a luxury flat in Mougins and the surrounding area? In all cases, we will make it a point of honour to offer you services that are tailored to your needs.

We understand that each client has unique needs and expectations. That’s why we’re committed to providing an exceptional buying experience. With our help, buying a luxury villa in Mougins and the surrounding area is child’s play.

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