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The Oxford district is one of the best areas in Cannes, quiet and peaceful. It offers unequalled privacy and tranquility, as well as luxury villas and apartments with swimming pools, garden, garage, and a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea. Discover our luxury properties for sale in the Oxford district in Cannes.

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About our luxury properties in Cannes - Oxford

Buying a luxury villa in Cannes is an excellent way to discover the beauty of the city and the French Riviera. Cannes has a rich historical heritage. As far back as Antiquity, the site was occupied by Ligurian fishermen, a people from Italy. The town boomed in the XIXᵉ century, becoming highly prized by the European aristocracy thanks to its reputation as a charming seaside resort, the jewel of the French Riviera.

Cannes is less than an hour’s drive from Nice and Antibes, two major centres of economic and university activity. The port of Nice has several ferry routes to Corsica and Sardinia. Nice airport connects Cannes residents to all the major European cities in less than two hours. Paris is 4? hours away by TGV and 1? hours by plane.

Cannes is just a few minutes’ drive from the Principality of Monaco, with its shops, museums and high-class meetings. Menton, with its colourful facades and lemon specialities, is just a few kilometres away, with direct access to the Italian border and the start of the Riviera of Flowers, the Riviera dei Fiori.

Cannes is a great place to stay on the French Riviera. Temperatures are hot in summer, exceeding 35°C at seasonal peaks. In winter, the weather is mild, with temperatures between 10 and 13°C. The sea air is invigorating and protects the Cannes coastline from the low temperatures of winter.

If you want to make the most of the Cannes Film Festival, buying a luxury property in Cannes in the Oxford district is an excellent opportunity. The Oxford district is one of the most prestigious in the city. It is located just a few kilometres from the city centre and its shopping streets. Access to the seafront is also very easy, allowing you to enjoy the colourful waters of the Mediterranean.

The Oxford district is made up of prestigious residences: Mediterranean villas, luxury flats, charming houses with sea views… The area is renowned for its peace and quiet, and consists mainly of residences with lush gardens. It’s a truly peaceful oasis.

Buying a luxury villa in Cannes is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a magnificent Mediterranean setting. You can enjoy excellent access to Cannes’ other emblematic districts. The Petit Juas district is made up of mansions built in the XIXᵉ century, with close proximity to the Palais des Festivals.

La Croisette is a Mediterranean boulevard that could compete with the Parisian Champs-Élysées. It is home to luxury boutiques belonging to world-famous designers. Strollers can discover Michelin-starred restaurants and flamboyant Michelin-starred palaces. The Palais des Festivals is the city’s main tourist attraction. It is the venue for numerous film festivals throughout the year.

Buying a luxury villa in Cannes – Oxford means enjoying an excellent location in the city. The Oxford district is one of the most serene in the city. The luxury villas feature lush or Mediterranean gardens. For buyers, it’s possible to look for a property with a classic or infinity pool. This type of water feature is a real asset for cooling off in the summer months.

When buying a luxury flat in Cannes, you should put your trust in real estate professionals. They will listen to your needs and your plans for the property. Our property experts can offer you properties that match your budget and your aspirations. Imagine finding a prestigious villa with a master suite, bathroom with walk-in shower and fully-equipped kitchen. A real jewel of luxury in Cannes – Oxford!

Buying a luxury villa in Cannes – Oxford gives you the opportunity to enjoy the French art of living. The art of French living means learning to savour the finest dishes organised by the best chefs on the French Riviera. French gastronomy is also expressed in the expertise of the region’s bakers, pastry chefs, cheesemakers, etc. Early produce offers the sublime of the surrounding market gardens and orchards.

Buying a luxury flat in Cannes is the best way to live the French way. You can head to the Vieux Port in Cannes to enjoy a glass of locally-produced wine with friends and family. The French way of life isn’t just about food. It’s also a way of dressing that the greatest French couturiers show the world in their boutiques on the Croisette.

Buying luxury property in Cannes is a great way to have a pied-à-terre and take advantage of the city’s many cultural activities. The city is particularly famous for its International Film Festival, which takes place in May every year. The Palais des Festivals is the venue for numerous events celebrating cinema throughout the year.

The Musée des Explorations du Monde is a unique place to discover primitive art, antiquities and oriental arts. The museum’s collections are priceless. History buffs can marvel at the treasures contained in the Iron Mask and Fort Royal Museum. An eco-museum on the island of Sainte-Marguerite offers an immersion into marine flora and fauna. The island offers a host of walks along forest paths and pinewoods.

Cannes is a major cultural centre on the French Riviera. Painting and photography are exhibited at themed events. To buy luxury property in Cannes – Oxford, it is essential to consult property experts to find the right property for your needs.

For all your prestige property projects in Cannes, and more specifically on the Boulevard d’Oxford, call on our team of experts! They will support you throughout your project on the French Riviera.

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