International Women’s Day

International Women's Day 2024

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International Women’s Day is all about honouring and acknowledging women’s social, economic, cultural and political contributions in various fields in recent times and throughout history. In the spirit of the continued global efforts toward striving for equality, our very own Head of St John’s Wood, Rosy Khalastchy offers advice for women looking to venture into or already in the real estate sector.

In the dynamic world of prime real estate in London, the journey towards inclusion and equality has been gradual. While strides have been made, particularly in reflecting the diverse attitudes of various communities, the industry still faces challenges in achieving true representation. The realm of property, especially estate agency, remains predominantly male, with sales departments showing a more pronounced imbalance compared to lettings.

This discrepancy might seem surprising, given that purchasing a home is as much about emotional insight as it is about financial investment—a realm where women often excel due to their emotional intelligence, empathetic listening, and nuanced communication.

The competitive nature of real estate at its upper echelons, marked by intense rivalry among vendors, agencies, and individual agents, might deter some from entering the field. Additionally, some clients may show a preference for male agents, further influencing the gender dynamics within the industry. However, it’s crucial to question whether the sector is merely accommodating existing biases rather than actively fostering change. The relatively low number of women choosing careers in real estate suggests a need for a more proactive approach to diversifying the workforce.

Having navigated this competitive landscape for over four decades, success in real estate doesn’t require aggression but rather competitiveness, determination, and patience.

My advice to anyone coming into this dynamic industry is don’t overestimate the complexity of challenges and never underestimate your own resourcefulness and capabilities, you’ve got this!


International Women's Day 2024
Rosy Khalastchy
Head of Beauchamp Estates St John's Wood
Rosy Khalastchy
Head of Beauchamp Estates St John's Wood


Rosy has been working with Beauchamp Estates for more than 20 years and has vast experience in selling apartments and houses in North West London, with a particular focus on St John's Wood, Regents Park, Maida Vale, Swiss Cottage, Hampstead and Highgate.

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