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Top 5 Property Investments Locations - Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles, USAGary Hersham, Managing Director and Founder of Beauchamp Estates, shares his views on the current top property investments locations

Los Angeles: USA

The global HQ of the entertainment and film industry, with a moderate climate and beautiful coast from Malibu to Huntington, LA in the sunshine state of California is an appealing location.

While a UCLA report has claimed that the Los Angeles housing market is America’s least affordable, whether buying or renting, it is set to continue on its current upward trajectory.  While the sluggish pace of development is an issue, in prime and super prime areas development is further constrained by the availability of land.

While a predominantly domestic based market, due to it being the global HQ of the entertainment and film industry it is home to some very well paid Americans, many of whom wish to call LA and its environs home. The market is continuing to move upwards, with regular sales and strong domestic demand at all levels in the market.

Expected growth for 2017 is 5% and 4% for 2018, but it is currently still possible to pick up a three bedroom house in the Hollywood Hills for approximately $3.5 million.

Gary Hersham's Top 5 investments locations Gary Hersham's Top 5 investments locations


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