The Grape Harvest in Tuscany ‘Vendemmia’ 2017

The Grape Harvest in Tuscany 'Vendemmia' 2017 2024

La Vendemmia is a feast for everyone in the wine industry…

September is the month of the grape harvest and of the many celebrations dedicated to it. La Vendemmia. In the Tuscany region , grapes are ready for harvesting in August very early this year.

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Basically it comes down to ripening of the grape, it must have the right level of sweetness. In Tuscany, the grape harvest is big on the agenda for a region to which wine is very important. If you are lucky enough to be in Tuscany during this time of year there many wine festivals where many of the local winery sample their wines.

All wineries – from large commercial wineries to small boutique country wineries – have started and in some cases completed their Vendemmia for 2017.

Weather has adversely affected Italy’s wine harvest in recent years, and a lack of water caused stress to some vines and brought about uneven ripening for some varieties. Italian wine body ‘Assoenologi’ estimated that Italy would see one of its smallest wine harvests in 60 years in 2017, down by 25% on last year, which climate and weather conditions are directly being blamed for. However, despite a reduction in quantity, quality is still expected to be from very good to excellent – and the harvest result will be full bodied, interesting and powerful wines in latest vintages.

Lynne Davie, Florence office
Lynne Davie runs the Beauchamp Estates Florence office


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