Mykonos Property for Sale: The Season Starts Here!

Mykonos property for sale

Mykonos Property for Sale: The Season Starts Here! 2024

A small Greek Island located in the Aegean Sea, Mykonos presents exquisite landscapes littered with white villas and idyllic coves. The main town is a collection of picturesque streets bordered by white buildings contrasted with striking blue roofs. Each street presents a unique experience, perhaps you will stumble upon designer boutiques or rather a small independent Greek restaurant, the latter will always be sure to provide you with authentic cuisine. The town overall is entirely picturesque however a stroll through Little Venice up towards the Windmills at sunset will really demonstrate the full beauty of the island. Mykonos is located close to the island of Delos, a once very important town in ancient Greece. This incredibly preserved citadel enables you to walk the footsteps of the ancient Greeks before returning to the main island for an Ouzo at sunset. Mykonos, rich in culture, relaxation, and beauty, is the perfect place for a summer rental or international property.

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Beauchamp Estates holds a permanent office on the island to ensure we can provide the finest accommodation for you to explore the wonders of Mykonos.  Our specialist agents offer a full service from helping you to select the perfect property to aiding you with the rental/purchase of a home abroad. Homes on the island can be rented throughout the high season, April through to October, and we also have properties available for you to purchase as a full-time or holiday home.

Mykonos Property for Sale

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Villa Ioli, Mykonos
  • Indoor-outdoor living
  • Contemporary

Villa Ioli is a part of a New Development and is located just meters from the shoreline with views towards the island of Delos. A grand 18-metre infinity pool is the centerpiece of the Villa with much of the home direct towards the pool and the ocean view. A secondary infinity pool is accessed from the principal suite which is one of seven spacious bedrooms in the villa.

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Villa Vista

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Villa Vista, Mykonos
  • Contemporary
  • Unique architecture seamlessly integrated into the landscape

This contemporary Villa featuring two residences, the main house and a guest house, is integrated into the landscape and offers uninterrupted views across the Aegean. The residence, designed by DECA, internationally renowned Greek architects, presents a minimalist design that engages architectural forms to create an energy-efficient, contemporary home.

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