What is Feng Shui and How to Utilize it

What is Feng Shui and How to Utilize it 2024

Originating from ancient China, Feng Shui studies the flow and movement of energy within a space. Its principle is to maintain harmony within our environment, and its objective is to achieve a balance between a living and working space to maximise potential success in all aspects of your life. Feng Shui literally translates to ‘wind-water,’ with the belief that wind scatters energy and water holds energy.

Feng Shui was widely used in spiritually significant structures such as tombs but is now widely used to enhance positive energy in the home.

How To Utilize Feng Shui

Brighten Your Entry

The entryway is first and foremost the best place to begin when cultivating good feng shui. The entry of a home or property represents how energy enters the building and into your life.

  • Sweep and clean the area, making sure that no objects or clutter accumulate the front door.
  • Ensure that the space is well lit either with natural, artificial lighting or choice of paint used.
  • Add large houseplants to bring life and growth into the foyer.
  • When choosing a rug or doormat be mindful of the colour and design. Consider the direction your door faces and choose a colour appropriate to the feng shui element cycle. Avoid using business and company names on a doormat, as this can create low quality energy, as a doormat is being stepped on daily.

Avoid the Following:

  • A mirror facing the main door can push away any positive energy that enters a home.
  • When a staircase faces the front door directly, feng shui energy quickly distributes to either the lower or higher floors, without nourishing the entryway.
  • Any objects or walls blocking the front door can block or completely stop the flow of energy.

What is Feng Shui and How to Utilize it 2024

Clear the Clutter

An excessive amount of clutter can be an energetic anchor, weighing you down emotionally. Incorporating organisational methods into your home can improve many aspects of your mental health and make your everyday life just a little bit simpler.

  • Start by removing clutter room by room. Whilst doing so, open windows to get fresh air into the home, as well as playing music that you enjoy.
  • Remove items, objects or clothing that are unused.
  • Have designated spots for the items you use daily, e.g keys, remotes, chargers.
  • Create systems that are beneficial for you, this could be labelling items, using storage boxes or baskets, and ensuring that mail is arranged accordingly.

Balance the Five Elements

The five elements: earth, wood, fire, water, and metal—can be present in your home either physically or symbolically. You may want to boost peace and relaxation, therefore bringing nature into the home through plants or flowers can enhance this energy. The idea of incorporating these elements is to produce a fine balance between the five. Too much of either can cause an imbalance in your emotional life – for example, excessive amounts of the fire element may emit aggressive energy.

Maximise Light

Poor lighting can contribute to clutter build up. It’s favourable for a home to be well-lit with ample natural light to nourish the energy that you’re surrounded by. With well-designed lighting comes an abundance of happy, creative and vibrant energy that will not only improve your life but your aura.

  • Use mirrors to create the illusion of more light and space. Be mindful of what a mirror is reflecting. Make sure it reflects a serene view or expansive part of the room.
  • Use warm-toned and dim lighting in restful spaces.
  • Avoid over brightness of artificial lighting as this can drain feng shui energy and is scientifically proven to have harmful effects on behaviour, learning abilities and general health.



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