Egg-cellent Easter Eggs & Sophisticated Chocolate Gifting

Egg-cellent Easter Eggs & Sophisticated Chocolate Gifting 2024

Have you ever wondered why we gift chocolate eggs during Easter? As the world hops into Springtime festivity, some with their roots in faith and others aligned to mark the change of season, the holiday presents the ideal excuse to indulge in the most egg-travagent Easter gifts.

  • The tradition of gifting Easter eggs began in Mesopotamia where eggs would be stained red to symbolise the blood shed by Jesus at his crucifixion. From here, egg giving spread to Russia and Eastern Europe via the orthodox church.
  • Dairy, meat and eggs were forbidden to eat during Lent, as a form of celebrating the end of fasting, Christians would gift decorated eggs.
  • Egg decorating dates back tens of thousands of years – A discovery of engraved and decorated ostrich eggs found in Africa date back to as far as 60,000 years.
  • The 18th century boasted of creative egg-giving. Fake eggs were made of papier-maché with small gifts hidden inside.
  • The modern tradition of chocolate egg eating originated in Europe during the early 19th-century, first appearing in France and Germany. Many of the eggs were bitter tasting and made with dark chocolate.
  • The first hollow chocolate eggs were made in Bristol, United Kingdom by chocolatier JS Fry & Son, in 1873. Merging with Cadbury’s, they launched their first chocolate Easter Egg line in 1875.

For an in-depth history on Easter, click here, otherwise read on for our favourite decadent and mouth-watering chocolate eggs…

In the light of the current circumstance affecting us around the world, gifting may not be entirely easy at this moment in time, all companies listed below offer shipping and delivery.

Image taken from the Pierre Marcolini website.
Image taken from the Pierre Marcolini website.

Pierre Marcolini

For his new Easter collection, Pierre Marcolini imagines an egg hunt in the heart of an enchanted garden filled with playful rabbits. Bunnies emerging from cracked eggs are the centrepiece of the collection, with likes of large praline Easter eggs filled to the top with 24 smaller eggs, and drawer gift boxes containing an iconic selection of Marcolini’s finest creations.


Boxes upon boxes that are sure to impress. Godiva’s ‘Easter Royal Box‘ features an array of colourful mini eggs, scrumptious figures and a selection of the chocolate house’s favourites. Smaller boxes, and extravagant hampers with playful Easter bunnies are also available.

Fortnum & Mason The Easter Brunch Hamper £85

Fortnum & Mason

If a chocolate egg doesn’t take your fancy, Fortnum & Mason’s ‘The Easter Brunch Hamper‘, will! Find an abundance of Fortnum’s seasonal favourites from their loose leaf Easter tea, delicious preserves, iced biscuits, chocolate and more.


Venchi boasts a vibrancy of luxurious Easter eggs wrapped in multicoloured tablecloths, and features a variety of chocolate collections from their Gran Gourmet – eggs filled with delicious nuts from hazelnuts to pistachios, toffee flakes, and raspberry crystals leave you wanting more…

Image taken from the Claridge's Website.
Image taken from the Claridge’s Website.


A limited-edition art deco treat inspired by Claridge’s striking black-and-white marble lobby. Their specialised pastry team have handmade a limited number of Easter eggs, filled with a selection of salted caramel gull’s eggs. Beautifully presented in a Claridge’s jade gift box, and thoughtfully wrapped with a black satin bow.

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