The cool taste of Italy in London

Pierre Marcolini, ice cream, Gelato, London

Pierre Marcolini

Summer in London is not quite over for this year and what better treat on a sunny day than good gelato: it’s the perfect on the go pick-me–up and taste of summer.

With so many places in London now proclaiming to offer the ‘very best’, budding gelato aficionados may find it a challenge to narrow the field. To help with the challenge here are Beauchamp Estates’ summer 2018 Gelato cool picks:


Temptingly, Pierre Marcolini on Marylebone High Street is just moments from our Marylebone office. Famous for their chocolate, in the summer their range expands to include a superb selection of gelato flavours. From a ‘Jasmine flavoured ice-cream with meringue and a red fruit coulis’ to a ‘Chocolate Choc Ice’ using the Maison’s very own chocolate. Pierre Marcolini promises gelato at its very finest.

Of similar standing are Amorino on The King’s Road, Olivogelo in Belgravia and Venchi in Covent Garden and South Kensington. All offer a stunning range of flavours, the traditional mixed in with house specialities.

Pierre Marcolini, Marylebone High Street, Marylebone, Ice cream, Chocolates, Cakes, Artisan Cakes, Artisan food, Gelato
Pierre Marcolini, Marylebone High Street


Amorino’s ‘flower-style’ gelatos are a picture,  served using a spatula to shape the gelato into beautiful roses. Each petal may be made using any of their 26 different flavours. The multitude of possible flavour combinations is the perfect excuse to return, in order to establish your personal gelato ‘combo’ style.


Olivogelo on Elizabeth Street in Belgravia offers a large selection of homemade, natural and authentic ‘gelati’ produced in-house daily. They use traditional recipes often incorporating Sardinian ingredients of the finest quality.  They also produced super sorbet, for those wanting to avoid dairy.

Olivegio, Ice cream, Cone, Summer



Venchi, is an Italian gourmet chocolate manufacturer founded by chocolatier Silvano Venchi, establishment in Turin in early 1878.  Initially popular for its Nougatine, its fame and expertise quickly spread. They have been producing gelato since 2006 and have stores in London’s Covent Garden and South Kensington. Their chocolate gelato flavours are a natural extension of their signature chocolates and most beloved recipes, such as Nougatine and Cuor di Cacao. They have also extended their gelato range to accommodate a wide range of creamy and fruity tastes.


Also located in South Kensington is Jeff de Bruges, a Belgian chocolate brand, founded by Frenchman Philippe Jambon, which combines the best of both French and Belgian chocolate culture.  Similar to many chocolatiers, they have expanded their range to include gelato. Their gelato is exquisite and they also produce their own cones, based on an exclusive recipe, using vanilla extract from Madagascar.

To Italians, “going out to get gelato” is a daily ritual – especially on warm summer days and evenings and for many is an appealing, if calorific, ritual.

To indulge in this delightful custom at some of London’s finest gelaterias Beauchamp Estates has a number of sales and lettings instructions that would be ideal:

A contemporary, new build, luxury house, for sale: located in a discrete mews, moments from Marylebone High Street and Pierre Marcolini’s tempting treats.

A luxury apartment to rent, on London’s prestigious Easton Square, only a short walk from Olivogelo on Elizabeth Street:

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