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The Endless Possibilities of Interior Design

The Endless Possibilities of Interior Design

Interior design can be transformative and is an important aspect in the process of presenting a property for sale or to let. The creative use of colour palettes, furniture, flower arrangements or lighting can ultimately help to drive a potential offer, as it presents the possibilities of how an otherwise empty property can become a home.

Transformative Nature of Décor

Without any changes being made to the structure of a property, interior design can be utilised to display a reception room in the style of a contemporary art gallery or an Art Deco lounge, merely through the use of appropriate colour palettes and furniture. Essentially, the possibilities that can be presented to clients are endless.

Not only can many styles be presented, but the difference between showing empty versus furnished rooms to clients is that the latter allows for them to better imagine themselves living in the property and making it their home.

Many of Beauchamp Estates' instructions are dressed in order to show clients what “could be” with luxurious fittings, whether contemporary or classical:

Gatti House, SW1, Sold by Beauchamp Estates , Interior Design, before and after Gatti House, SW1 Sold by Beauchamp Estates in 2015

All in the Details

Attention to detail is essential. The importance of small, often unnoticed items in a home is recognised and understood by many interior designers. Argent Design is meticulous in their process, transforming empty properties into luxurious homes that offer flair and personality:

Old Queen Street, SW1 - Available for sale £17,750,000 and to let £14,500/week Old Queen Street, SW1 - Available for sale £17,750,000 and to let £14,500 / week

Oceanic House was expertly dressed by Morpheus, a company that has a unique approach in its design, and one that focuses on the small details that set the homes they dress apart from others:

Naturally, taste is subjective. However, by dressing a property, clients are given an idea of what furnishings, fixtures and fittings work for each property. Showhomes in new developments exist for this very reason.

As an extension of showing clients what a property could look like, many clients look for homes that are already furnished, especially when letting. Whether in search of properties available for short or long let, dressed properties provide the ease of simply arriving with a suitcase to a home that is ready to be lived in.

Beauchamp Estates boast a number of interior designed and furnished instructions available for sale and to let, follow the links below for more information:

Great Queen Street, Beauchamp Estates, For Sale, Prime central London

Penthouse, Great Queen Street,  WC2 £4,975,000 - Rigby and Rigby

Hampstead Lane, Beauchamp Estates, London, Prime Central London, For Sale, North London

Hampstead Lane £14,950,000 - Kelly Hoppen

Camp End Manor, Beauchamp Estates, Prime Surrey, Luxury property, London Prime Central London

Camp End Manor £14,500,000Linley

Hampshire House, Beauchamp Estates, London, Prime central london, Interior Design, Luxury property

Hampshire House £10,950,000A.London

Cadogan Gardens, impressive, double reception room, reception room, lettings , real estate, Cadogan Estate, London

Cadogan Gardens – Furnished, available to let £2,500/week

Lancelot Place, Prime central london, lettings, rentals, beauchamp estates

Lancelot Place – Stylish Fendi furnishings, available to let £3,300/week

Cornwall Terrace, London, Beauchamp Estates, letting, to let, rentals

Cornwall Terrace - Furnished available to let £20,000/week


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