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Recognized as "The Dean of Townhouse Brokers" by Town & Country Magazine, Mr. Garfield's boutique firm, Leslie J. Garfield & Co., Inc. has led the market in residential, institutional, and commercial building sales for the last 30 years.

When Leslie J. Garfield opened the firm in 1972, he did it with one goal in mind: to be the best in his field. Specifically, the firm strives to be the most knowledgeable, to outwork the competition, to negotiate honestly for its customers, and to do this without the distraction of being all things to all people.

Our primary focus is townhouses and buildings. We provide the highest level of service in the industry by offering you senior brokers who understand their neighbourhoods, by aggressively advertising in leading offline and online publications, by working cooperatively with other leading brokerage houses, and by direct marketing to our extensive network of proven real estate investors. We believe no other firm in the City matches this suite of services.

Leslie J. Garfield & Co., Inc. takes the view that an in-depth knowledge of the building market will provide both sellers and buyers with a real sense of market conditions. Ultimately, our understanding of the market and our relationships with the real estate community creates a competitive marketplace for every property we represent.

Mr. Garfield's expertise in his field, and that of the sales specialists who work for him, has been recognized by numerous institutions and individuals for whom they serve as advisors. Leslie Garfield is the former Chairman of the Sales Brokers Committee of the Real Estate Board of New York and a judge of the "Deal of the Year Award for Manhattan." Jed Garfield, representing the second generation of this family-run firm, has recently been appointed Managing Partner. He is well known in the industry for repeatedly making record-setting sales including the Japanese Embassy at 11-13 East 62nd Street for $21 million and the Duke Mansion at 1009 Fifth Avenue for $40 million.

Leslie J. Garfield’s vision is to become the real estate adviser of choice. We do not wish to be the biggest, just the best as judged by our clients.

Our values capture our commitment not only to ethical, professional and responsible conduct, but to the essence of real estate success: an entrepreneurial, value-embracing approach.

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