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Luxury Villas for Sale French Riviera

Luxury Villas for Sale on the French Riviera

Life on the French Riviera is incredible. The perfect climate, outstanding landscape, tasty food and rich culture make this one of the best places in the world to buy a luxury property. Browse our selection of villas for sale on the French Riviera and find your dream home below.

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  • Beautiful 6 Bedroom Stone Farmhouse for Sale in Vence

    €6,600,000 (approx. £5,682,000)
    5 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 Reception room, 2 Entertainment rooms, 1 Swimming pool, 1 Tennis court
    Living Area: 600 sqm | Land Size: 3,800 sqm
    Property reference: CAB1367
    Agency: Cannes
  • Unique 6 Bedroom Chateau on Estate in Blausasc (30 Mins from Monaco)

    €10,000,000 (approx. £8,609,000)
    15 Bedrooms, 10 Bathrooms, 4 Kitchens, 4 Dining rooms, 1 Reception room, 4 Entertainment rooms, 1 Swimming pool
    Living Area: 1,250 sqm | Land Size: 5 hectares

    Domaine with a total of 4 houses set in a green, safe and peacefull environment

    Property reference: CAB0780
    Agency: Cannes
  • Photos  (8)

    Charming 5 Bedroom Villa for Sale in the Domaine de Sinopolis, Gassin

    €4,000,000 (approx. £3,444,000)
    4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 1 Kitchen, 2 Reception rooms
    Living Area: 270 sqm | Land Size: 1,472 sqm

    Charming 5-bedroom Provençal villa set in the hills around St Tropez.

    Property reference: CAB1347
    Agency: Cannes
  • Photos  (11)

    Beautiful 7 Bedroom Villa for Sale in Ramatuelle

    €7,500,000 (approx. £6,457,000)
    7 Bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms, 2 Reception rooms, 1 Swimming pool
    Living Area: 350 sqm | Land Size: 8,000 sqm

    Located 500m from Plage de Pampelonne with its famous Bagatelle Beach and Nikki Beach.

    Property reference: CAB1345
    Agency: Cannes
  • Stunning 5 Bedroom Villa for Sale in Grimaud

    €3,900,000 (approx. £3,358,000)
    5 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 Reception room, 1 Swimming pool
    Living Area: 385 sqm | Land Size: 6,140 sqm

    Stunning 5-bedroom contemporary villa in Grimaud with breathtaking views over the Gulf of St Tropez.

    Property reference: CAB1336
    Agency: Cannes
  • Photos  (1)

    Stunning 6 Bedroom Contemporary Villa for Sale in Cannes

    6 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 Dining room, 1 Reception room, 1 Entertainment room, 1 Swimming pool
    Living Area: 550 sqm | Land Size: 1,500 sqm

    This stunning architectural masterpiece was designed by Longo Palmarini Architecture & Partners.

    Property reference: CAB1299
    Agency: Cannes
  • Photos  (8)

    Charming 4 Bedroom Villa for Sale in Cannes Californie

    €2,500,000 (approx. £2,152,000)
    4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 2 Kitchens, 1 Dining room, 2 Reception rooms
    Living Area: 200 sqm | Land Size: 2,265 sqm

    This property can be used as 2 independent apartments or as a spacious family home.

    Property reference: CAB1334
    Agency: Cannes
  • Charming 4 Bedroom Villa for Sale in Cap d'Antibes

    €2,600,000 (approx. £2,238,000)
    4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 1 Swimming pool
    Living Area: 220 sqm | Land Size: 1,600 sqm
    Property reference: CAB1323
    Agency: Cannes
  • Photos  (9)

    Charming 5 Bedroom Villa for Sale in Cannes Californie

    3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 Dining room, 1 Reception room, 1 Entertainment room, 1 Swimming pool
    Living Area: 200 sqm
    Property reference: CAB1317
    Agency: Cannes
  • Photos  (9)

    Beautiful Contemporary 5 Bedroom Villa Ramatuelle with Sea Views

    €5,800,000 (approx. £4,993,000)
    5 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 Swimming pool
    Land Size: 1,250 sqm

    Stunning panoramic sea views of the Mediterranean.

    Property reference: CAB1331
    Agency: Cannes
  • Photos  (9)

    Beautiful 4 Bedroom Villa For Sale Near St Tropez

    €5,100,000 (approx. £4,391,000)
    4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 1 Dining room, 1 Reception room, 1 Entertainment room, 1 Swimming pool
    Living Area: 280 sqm | Land Size: 1,650 sqm

    Amazing views over the sea and the mountains.

    Property reference: CAB1329
    Agency: Cannes
  • Photos  (7)

    New Build 4 Bedroom Property For Sale in Mougins

    €1,740,000 (approx. £1,498,000)
    4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 Reception room, 1 Entertainment room, 1 Swimming pool
    Living Area: 256 sqm | Land Size: 1,010 sqm

    This brand new 256m² 4 bedroom luxury property for sale in Mougins is currently under construction and will be delivered in the Q2 2019.

    Property reference: CAB1320
    Agency: Cannes
  • Photos  (7)

    Brand New 4 Bedroom Villa For Sale in Mougins

    €2,535,000 (approx. £2,182,000)
    4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 Reception room, 1 Entertainment room, 1 Swimming pool
    Living Area: 343 sqm | Land Size: 1,181 sqm

    This brand new 343m² 4 bedroom luxury villa for sale in Mougins is currently under construction and will be delivered in the Q2 2019.

    Property reference: CAB1319
    Agency: Cannes
  • Photos  (8)

    Brand New 5 Bedroom Villa For Sale in Mougins

    €3,580,000 (approx. £3,082,000)
    5 Bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 Dining room, 1 Reception room, 1 Entertainment room, 1 Swimming pool
    Living Area: 442 sqm | Land Size: 1,480 sqm

    This brand new 442m² villa for sale in Mougins is currently under construction. Delivered 2nd quarter 2019.

    Property reference: CAB1318
    Agency: Cannes
  • Superb 5 Bedroom House For Sale in Mougins

    €2,950,000 (approx. £2,540,000)
    5 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 Dining room, 1 Reception room, 1 Entertainment room, 1 Swimming pool
    Living Area: 320 sqm | Land Size: 2,500 sqm

    This superb 320m² south facing house for sale in Mougins has 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms an entertainment room and a saltwater swimming pool.

    Property reference: CAB0198
    Agency: Cannes
  • Photos  (9)

    Beautiful Provençal Style 4/5 Bedroom Villa For Sale in Cannes

    €2,950,000 (approx. £2,540,000)
    5 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, 1 Swimming pool
    Living Area: 320 sqm | Land Size: 1,400 sqm

    Luxury villa with 4 bedrooms and a staff room, swimming pool and views over the Bay of Cannes

    Property reference: CAB1209
    Agency: Cannes
  • Photos  (9)

    Contemporary 4 Bedroom Villa for Sale in Mouans Sartoux

    €2,350,000 (approx. £2,023,000)
    4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 1 Swimming pool
    Living Area: 320 sqm | Land Size: 2,500 sqm

    Breathtaking views over the gardens and the impressive collection of Provençal trees.

    Property reference: CAB1302
    Agency: Cannes
  • Outstanding 5 Bedroom Property For Sale in Mougins

    €4,900,000 (approx. £4,218,000)
    5 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 Reception room, 1 Swimming pool
    Living Area: 348 sqm | Land Size: 9,702 sqm

    This outstanding 5-bedroom property in Mougins is a magnificent family home.

    Property reference: CAB1285
    Agency: Cannes
  • Splendid 6 Bedroom Villa For Sale in Tanneron (Near Cannes)

    €3,900,000 (approx. £3,358,000)
    6 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 Reception room, 1 Entertainment room, 1 Swimming pool
    Living Area: 500 sqm | Land Size: 2 hectares
    Property reference: CAB1270
    Agency: Cannes
  • Luxurious 4 Bedroom Villa For Sale in Biot - Domaine des Claussones

    €2,700,000 (approx. £2,324,000)
    4 Bedrooms, 1 Kitchen, 2 Reception rooms, 1 Entertainment room, 1 Swimming pool
    Living Area: 350 sqm | Land Size: 4,050 sqm

    This south-facing 350m² villa for sale near Biot has 4 bedrooms as well as a magnificent swimming pool and sundeck overlooking the garden.

    Property reference: CAB1261
    Agency: Cannes
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About the French Riviera and Our Luxury Villas for Sale

French Riviera by Area

The French Riviera needs no introduction. The South of France has long been one of the most popular destinations in the world, drawing visitors year after year with its golden sunshine, beautiful scenery and luxurious lifestyle. From Monaco down to St Tropez, the French Riviera coastline is made up of fashionable seaside resort towns, each more glamorous than the next. Inland, the hilltop villages overlooking the Mediterranean offer a little slice of life in Provence, surrounded by olive trees and the ubiquitous smell of lavender. From shopping to skiing, beaches to bars, the French Riviera has it all, and so much more besides.

Sitting on the border between France and Italy at the Eastern tip of the French Riviera, Monaco is the most extravagant principality in the world. Famous for its Casinos and Grand Prix, Monaco is both a modern business centre and a chic resort, the perfect combination of city life and beach action. Throw in some of the best nightlife to be found anywhere, a restaurant scene which rivals any city in the world and enough designer boutiques to keep even the most determined shopper happy, and you can see why Monaco is synonymous with the good life.

Just down the coast from Monaco, you’ll find St Jean Cap Ferrat, a former fishing village turned resort which is a world away from the busy principality. Set on a peninsula, the stunning villas and mansions of St Jean Cap Ferrat are surrounded by wild countryside and dramatic Mediterranean coastline with incredible views straight out to sea. The town may be small but the port is full of excellent restaurants, and cafés and the beaches around the peninsula are some of the quietest and prettiest on the French Riviera.

A little further down the littoral sit Antibes and neighbouring Cap d’Antibes,a small town with a big reputation. The area around Antibes has been seducing artists like for years thanks to the golden light and gorgeous scenery of the Mediterranean coastline. The town plays host to many exciting events, but life in Antibes is enjoyable round thanks to the lively restaurants, bars and pubs which line the port. With a daily market in the centre of Vieille Antibes and some very exclusive private beaches between the town and the peninsula, you’ll love this area and all it has to offer.

Antibes’ next door neighbour, is a city which needs no introduction. Famous the world over for its annual Film Festival, Cannes is perhaps the glamorous beach resort in the world. The beautiful seafront is separated from the city centre by the Boulevard de la Croisette, with its luxury boutiques and Belle Epoque palaces, while the streets of the old town lined with restaurants and shops, wind lazily down to the port. Cannes is of course not just about films, it also plays host to some top Congress events throughout the year, bringing together the movers and shakers of the business world at the Palais des Festivals by the sea. Once you’ve experienced them, it’s difficult to resist the lure of the gourmet restaurants and decadent bars which along with the high-end shops and sandy beaches make Cannes such a glittering place to live.

Leaving the coast behind, in the hills around Cannes you’ll find some of the prettiest villages on the French Riviera. The hinterland has been enchanting visitors for years with its Provençal charm. As you make your way up into the hills from the littoral, you’ll find yourself falling in love with Medieval castles, cobbled streets and tiny sunlit chapels. Life in the hinterland is laid-back and relaxed, there are traditional markets and year-round festivals to enjoy, and there’s always time for a coffee in the village square. Delicious restaurants and cosy bistros are dotted all over just waiting to be discovered for a long lunch with friends that you’ll remember for years to come. The lush green hillsides with their olive trees and fields of flowers look like they’ve come straight out of a story book, but sometimes reality beats fiction, and the French Riviera hinterland really is as beautiful as you imagine.

At the Western end of the French Riviera, you’ll find the most well-known fishing village in the world. St Tropez may once have been a sleepy little port, but these days it’s legendary for its fabulous beaches and chic summer crowd. There are miles of golden sand around St Tropez with some of the most elite beach clubs on the planet to be found on Pampelonne beach. In the town centre, go straight to the port in the heart of the village and grab one of the quayside tables for the ultimate people-watching experience. With its trendy restaurants, lively bars and epic nightlife, St Tropez is truly the ultimate summer destination on the French Riviera.   

Living in the French Riviera

When you decide to move to the French Riviera be prepared, this is the lifestyle that dreams are made of. The year-round sunshine is definitely a game-changer but it’s about more than just sunshine, thanks to the high standard of living and fabulous surroundings, the South of France also offers a unique quality of life.

From sprawling modern cities to hidden hilltop villages, there are so many different places to explore along the coast. The scenery is stunning and the views of the Mediterranean are endless. Whether you’re looking for pristine white beaches, ancient olive groves or gleaming modern architecture, the French Riviera has got it all.

When it comes to culture, the French Riviera is of course, renowned for its art galleries and museums.This area has been inspiring artists and sculptors for hundreds of years. And nothing beats the events hosted on the French Riviera each year. Enjoy some of the best jazz in the world, celebrate film on an international level, attend legendary concerts or watch dramatic firework displays light up the skies over the Mediterranean, there’s always something going on.

Sports fans will love the range of exciting competitions held in the French Riviera each year. From sailing to skiing, Formula 1 racing to showjumping, the world-class events held up and down the coast will thrill and delight the whole family, especially as living here means you have a front row seat for all the action.

The French Riviera is home to some of the best chefs in the world and the restaurant scene is heaven for gourmet fans, eating out has never been so much fun. From Michelin-starred palaces to tiny family bistros, the French Riviera has an incredible selection of restaurants and this area of France is famous for its long-standing love affair with food.  Discover Provençal specialities or dine on classic Mediterranean cuisine with a fabulous modern twist, your next great meal is always just around the corner when you live on the French Riviera.

Shopping is another one of the things the French Riviera does very well. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better selection of luxury boutiques and designer names than on the stretch of coastline between St Tropez and Monaco. From the latest fashions to fabulous jewellery and accessories, you’ll need no excuse to hit the shops. And it’s not just the big names that draw shoppers in, the South of France has some of the best markets in Europe. Browse fruit and vegetables grown in the French Riviera sunshine or pick up fresh seafood straight from the fisherman himself, going to market is a way of life in the South.

With all that sunshine on hand, it’s easy to enjoy a healthy lifestyle on the French Riviera. This is the perfect place to enjoy a huge range of sports from paddle boarding and parasailing in summer to skiing and snowboarding in the winter. Learn to dive or to sail, go hiking or mountain biking, take up beach yoga or buy a jetski, there are endless opportunities for outdoor sports all year round on the French Riviera.

The French Riviera has been famous for its glittering nightlife since it was discovered by the aristocracy way back when. Ever since the first casino opened its doors in Monaco, people have been flocking to the French Riviera to try their luck. And while you might win a fortune on the tables, there are lots of other ways to make sure you have a great night. The beach clubs up and down the coast host legendary summer parties each year, while the vibrant bars and nightclubs provide the perfect backdrop for international DJs and music superstars. Living on the French Riviera means every night will be one to remember.

Once you decide to make the move to the French Riviera, you’ll never look back. Life here is as glamorous and exciting as it appears, this is one location that more than lives up to the hype. With beautiful surroundings and glorious year-round sunshine a given, all that remains is for you to find your dream home on the French Riviera and get ready for the start of your new life. 

French Riviera Villas for Sale

Buying real estate on the French Riviera is so much more than just purchasing property. You’re also buying a lifestyle and a very glamorous one at that. The French Riviera is home to some of the most outstanding villas every built, and there are fabulous properties up and down the coast, just waiting to be snapped up. Browse our selection of the French Riviera property and find your new home today.

This contemporary 3-bedroom villa in the hilltop village of Eze will capture your heart with its breathtaking views over the bay below.Perfectly placed between Monaco and Nice, Eze is one of the prettiest villages on the Moyenne Corniche. The villa’s bedrooms all have dressing rooms and ensuite bathrooms and face the Mediterranean. Thanks to the full-length windows throughout, you’ll feel like you’re on a desert island when you wake up here in the morning. The villa has a heated indoor swimming pool and sauna room plus a jacuzzi out in the garden. Spend your evenings relaxing on the terrace while you watch the lights twinkle in the village below, you won’t find a better view anywhere in the world.

If you’re looking for a family home, this fantastic modern villa in Cannes is a perfect choice. You’ll love the enormous rooftop terrace with its summer kitchen and lounge area, while the kids will go crazy for the infinity pool with its underwater sound system and giant outdoor cinema. The villa has 5 bedrooms in total and features a truly stunning master suite with an ensuite bathroom, dressing room and incredible private terrace. Outdoors, the villa is surrounded by a beautifully-designed garden and a panoramic view which stretches over Cannes and the Cap d’Antibes. This is family life with a French Riviera twist.

Up in the hinterland, this magnificent Provençal mansion with its huge landscaped garden is a one-of-a-kind property. The spacious ground floor living areas open onto a large terrace which adjoins the garden. A fully equipped summer kitchen overlooks the outdoor pool with another pool inside the house for the occasional rainy day. Indoors, there is a sauna, gym and entertainment room to keep you occupied and the master suite on the upper floor boasts its very own jacuzzi. The village of Vence is quiet and pretty with trees and lush green hills surrounding the property on all sides. But as Vence is conveniently located just 20 minutes away from the coast, the bright lights of Cannes and Monaco are only ever a short drive away.  

If you love to entertain, don’t miss this amazing property which is located in the famous gated community, 'Les Parcs de Saint-Tropez'. Consisting of 2 villas, the properties are interconnected via the living spaces while the bedrooms are completely separate for complete privacy. With 10 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms on hand, entertaining family and friends has never been so easy. The luxury villa features a fully equipped professional kitchen and wine cellar which make planning dinner parties and soirées a breeze. Your guests will love the heated pool and cinema room but it’s the Balinese-style outdoor dining room with its phenomenal sea views which will really make their night, this is one house they won’t forget in a hurry.  

You can view our full portfolio of French Riviera villas for sale above.

Investing in French Riviera

When it comes to choosing where to invest in luxury property, you won’t find a much better bet than the French Riviera. The South of France is one of the most desirable places to live in the world, and real estate here is always in demand. If you’re purchasing with a view to rent your property later down the line, keep in mind that France is the most visited country in the world. A real estate investment here offers the potential for great returns on a year-round basis. There are many reasons to consider a move to the French Riviera, but the high standard of living coupled with the glorious weather and beautiful surroundings are definitely at the top of the list:

  • The location: The French Riviera is perfectly placed in the South of France with easy access to major cities all over the world. There are two major commercial airports in Nice and Toulon, plus the Cannes Mandelieu airport for private air travel. Italy is just a short drive away, and the beautiful island of Corsica is within a day’s sailing from the major towns along the French Riviera.

  • The climate: The French Riviera enjoys far more than its fair share of sunshine, with on average 300 days of sun per year. Summers are long and hot, and the winters are mild with beautiful blue skies all year round.

  • The beaches: The golden stretches of sand in St Tropez, the hidden coves in St Jean Cap Ferrat and the select private beaches in Monaco, the French Riviera is legendary for its glorious coastline.

  • The events: The French Riviera hosts some of the most dazzling events on the planet. From the Film Festival in Cannes, the Grand Prix in Monaco or the sailing regattas in St Tropez, the South of France is always in the international spotlight.

  • The lifestyle: Gourmet restaurants, luxury boutiques, big-name concerts, skiing, watersports, the French Riviera has it all and then some.

  • The nightlife: To say the nightlife on the French Riviera is glamorous would be an understatement. The South of France has some of the best nightclubs and hippest bars in the Mediterranean. Not forgetting the cosy wine bars and watering holes in the hillside villages, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to going out in the evening.

  • The real estate opportunities: The luxury properties of the French Riviera are highly sought-after and come with high resale and rental value. This is one investment you’ll always be pleased you made.  

Highlights of the Social Calendar 

The French Riviera has always been known for its glittering social life. Some of the most well-known events on the planet are hosted here every year, there’s always something big going on in this part of the world. Here are some of the highlights which you won’t want to miss:

  • Cannes: International Fireworks Festival ~ July
  • Mandelieu: Fete des Mimosas ~ February
  • St Tropez: Au Large de St Tropez Regatta ~ March
  • Monaco: Monte Carlo Rolex Tennis Masters ~ April
  • Cannes: Film Festival ~ May
  • Monaco: Grand Prix & Historic Grand Prix ~ May
  • Grasse: International Rose Exhibition ~ May
  • Antibes: Les Nuits Carrées ~ June
  • Mougins: International Gastronomy Festival~ June
  • Juan les Pins: Jazz à Juan Festival ~ July
  • St Jean Cap Ferrat: Classiques de Juillet Concerts ~ July
  • Monaco: Monte Carlo International Fireworks Festival ~ July & August
  • Monaco: Yacht Show ~ September
  • St Tropez: Les Voiles de St Tropez Regatta ~ September & October
  • Mouans Sartoux: Book Festival ~ October

Purchase Process in France

To help you understand the purchase process in France, we've visualised the steps in an infographic. Visit the link below to see the full guide:

Arrange a Viewing

If the French Riviera has caught your eye and you’d like more information about purchasing any of our luxury properties, please get in touch. Our team will be delighted to give you more details about our real estate and organise a viewing for you at your convenience.  

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