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Meet the Team

Our Team

  • Jonathan Gray
    Jonathan Gray
    Co-founder of Beauchamp Estates - France
    With over 18 years experience as an entrepreneur in multiple industries, Jonathan decided to partner with Beauchamp Estates London and open the Cannes office in 2007. Jonathan definitely represents the identity of Beauchamp Estates France, he brings his valuable business experience and his wide network to the company. As an excellent problem solver and sales person, he permits us to realize the most important deals and partnerships.
    Contact Jonathan Gray
  • Adrien Willing-Lamy
    Adrien Willing-Lamy
    Managing Director - France
    With over 13 years experience in the luxury real estate industry and having experience as an entrepreneur, Adrien brings to Beauchamp Estates his wide experience in Business Development, Strategy and Management. In 2013, Adrien was appointed Managing Director for the French territory, managing Beauchamp Estates 4 activities; Transaction, Summer Rentals, Congress Rentals and Property Management. In 2017, Adrien was also appointed as "Gerant" of Beauchamp Estates France. He is always optimizing and creating new tools, processes, databases, in order to improve communication and increase company results. With also knowledge in accounting, social and legal fields, Adrien establishes himself as an essential player/chef d’orchestre of Beauchamp Estates.
    Contact Adrien
  • Regis Ramette
    Regis Ramette
    Senior Sales Negotiator
    With over 15 years of experience in luxury real estate as one of the most successful brokers and entrepreneurs, and also with 10 years of experience in the luxury industry as a general manager, Regis provides Beauchamp Estates France with his in-depth expertise of the market as well as his know-how. His mission is to provide a quality service and advise our clients from Monaco to Saint Tropez, being strong of innovative strategies proposal to contribute to the success and evolution of Beauchamp Estates.
    Contact Regis
  • Barbara Gray
    Barbara Gray
    Sales Negotiator - French Riviera Hillside
    Having started her career over 20 years ago managing high end events (corporate & private) at the head of a successful agency, Barbara joined the French Beauchamp team on day 1, over 14 years ago. Rentals and sales to start with, before evolving to set up & direct our property management department until she decided to return to sales, her first love. Barbara’s extensive knowledge of our region is a of great value and she has her finger on its pulse. Her love of nature make her ideally suited to developing inland and hillside properties. Her warm and outgoing personality, her attention to detail and the pride she takes in being helpful makes her a perfect ally for our clients' projects.
    Contact Barbara Gray
  • Gregory Gray
    Gregory Gray
    Sales Negotiator - Cannes
    Born in Cannes and lived between France and Belgium for many years, Greg has always been in touch with luxury. Having worked previously as a private chauffeur for an international group he is used to high end and demanding clients he speaks fluent French. His dynamic, attentive and helpful demeanor allows him to have great contact with clients. Jumping back into luxury real estate, he is able to grow his network through his previous experiences and contacts.
    Contact Gregory
  • Laetitia Gray
    Laetitia Gray
    Sales Negotiator - Cannes
    Originally from the Côte d'Azur, Laetitia has a BTS in Tourism and a degree in Management. After having worked for several years as an agency manager in the field of recruitment, Laetitia has developed many skills that she is now able to utilise at Beauchamp Estates whilst demonstrating her passion for real estate. Her dynamism and her perfectionism are two major assets which aid her in this industry. She has taken on the role of negotiator in the Cannes area with great determination and is excited to advance her skills.
    Contact Laetitia Gray
  • Hugo Leroux
    Hugo Leroux
    Sales Negotiator - Cannes Apartments
    Hugo was born in Cannes and he has grown up in the French Riviera, a region he loves and is perfectly familiar with. He graduated from Skema Business School (Master of Science in economics, marketing and digitalization). As part of his studies he spent two semesters in the US at UC Berkeley and North Carolina State University. He worked for one year in investment banking in Luxembourg where he experienced working with high end and demanding clients. He is fluent in English and Spanish. He created his own agency as soon as he graduated then lately chose to join the prestigious Beauchamp Estates team as sales negotiator. Fast learner, hard working and detail-oriented, he will be keen on providing tailored solutions to his clients' demands.
    Contact Hugo Leroux
  • Alexandra Villemin
    Alexandra Villemin
    Sales Negotiator - Cannes & Surroundings
    Adventurer at heart, Alexandra started her career abroad. 8 years in the Netherlands offered her the opportunity to speak a fluent Dutch but also learn the concept of business with successful entrepreneurs. Coming back in France was on the one hand a family choice ; on the other hand, it was the time to reach new professional challenges. Alexandra takes her first steps in real estate and has quickly realized she is passionate about luxury real estate. Her will to suceed but above all the satisfaction of her clients are her day to day concern. Her network and responsiveness will convice you.
    Contact Alexandra Villemin
  • Juliette S. De la Tour d'Auvergne
    Juliette S. De la Tour d'Auvergne
    Sales Negotiator - Théoule sur mer & Mandelieu
    Having lived between france and abroad for a long time, juliette owes her interpersonal skills and her mastery of French, English and Italian to her cosmopolitan education, coming from a decorating architects and artists family. With a significant professional experience of 15 years in the field of luxury and services, including 6 years of entrepreneurship in art and events business, Juliette is the founder of an art gallery appartement. Endowed with a strong leadership and specialist in public relations and network, Juliette is pleased to provide to Beauchamp Estates France with her knowledge of luxury codes, and is a key interlocutor to provide tailor-made solutions to our clients' demands.
    Contact Juliette S. De la Tour d'Auvergne
  • Emilie Goes
    Emilie Goes
    Sales Negotiator - French Riviera Hillside
    After studying communication and event management, Emilie decided to pursue her career in real estate and obtained a Master's degree in real estate and notary law. After two years of experience in a real estate agency in Mougins, allowing her to develop a good knowledge of the hinterland market, Emilie decided to join Beauchamp Estates in order to take her first steps in luxury real estate and to take up new challenges. Her involvement, her rigour and her flexibility will make her an ally to accompany you in all confidence in your real estate projects.
    Contact Emilie Goes
  • John Manfredi
    John Manfredi
    Sales Negotiator - french Riviera Hillside
    John grew up in Cannes and started his professional career working in luxury hotels and restaurants, where he developed excellent customer service knowledge. Following this John worked in Audit, Management Accounting and Information Systems, where he was a manager for 6 years in digital transformation. Eager to take on a new challenge, John joined Beauchamp Estates’ France team and quickly integrated into the team drawing on his many years of service experience. His rigor and responsiveness have allowed him to create and maintain strong relationships with owners and clients.
    Contact John Manfredi
  • Tara Sebaoun
    Tara Sebaoun
    Sales Negotiator - Cannes
    Originally from Paris, Tara arrived on the Côte d'Azur three years ago following a change of life. Currently in her final year of studies in the field of real estate, and soon to hold a Master's degree in Management, Law and Real Estate Notary, Tara is keenly interested in business and the world of luxury. She is now completing her work experience at Beauchamp Estates.
    Contact Tara Sebaoun
  • Aurelia Diot
    Aurelia Diot
    Apartment Rentals Broker - Cannes
    Aurélia grew up on the French Riviera in France and studied media and communication in both Paris and Cannes. During her time at university, she worked in the Luxury boat industry and after graduation she lived in Australia and New Zealand for 5 months. Aurélia’s native language is French and she speaks fluent English. After taking a few years to understand the Real Estate industry, Aurelia has now joined Beauchamp Estates where her organizational skills, sense for detail and service make her an indispensable asset within the Rental Team.
    Contact Aurelia
  • Jane Brelet Von Sydow
    Jane Brelet Von Sydow
    Apartment Rentals Broker - Cannes
    Jane grew up on the French Riviera, a region she knows by heart and particularly loves. Coming from a multilingual family, Jane is fluent in French and English but also has a strong comprehension of Italian. After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Real Estate Management and Development, Jane took her first steps into luxury real estate with Beauchamp Estates. She turned her focus to Congress Rentals driven by the challenge this would propose. Her young, dynamic spirit and attention to detail make her an asset to the Congress Renals team in addition to her commitment to client and owner satisfaction.
    Contact Jane Brelet Von Sydow
  • Simon Hayball
    Simon Hayball
    Property Manager - France
    Born and educated in the UK, Simon is bilingual and has been based in France for over 2 decades: first in Paris before arriving on the Riviera in 2002. He nurtured his eye for detail, organisational, management and interpersonal skills as an entrepreneur in the events field, a role that led him to successfully manage projects throughout Europe but also North America & the Middle East. He has transferred his experience & qualities for the benefit of clients of our dedicated, high-end property management department.
    Contact Simon Hayball
  • Sophie Khan
    Sophie Khan
    Villa Rentals Broker - French Riviera
    Born in England, Sophie moved to France at an early age and became completely bilingual. She graduated with a Masters in Law from Nice Law School, specialising in the notary field (legal knowledge). Benefitting from 4+ years experience in luxury holiday rentals, Sophie is a highly valued member of the team. When it comes to local knowledge, she knows all the best places to go and things to do, especially around Cannes. Her sociable, serious and hard working attitude make her ideal for this role. A dynamic character through and through.
    Contact Sophie
  • Nathan Ceugniet
    Nathan Ceugniet
    Villa Rentals Broker - French Riviera
    Nathan was born and raised on the French Riviera. A true local with an international mindset. After being awarded a Master's degree (MBA) in tourism services and hospitality management, he went on to work in several luxury hotels and resorts around the world. Most notably working as guest experience and quality manager in Asia. Calling upon his experience working with discerning clientele, Nathan is perfectly placed to deliver a high level of service as a dynamic Villa Rentals Specialist for Beauchamp Estates' customers. His local knowledge, deep understanding of our property portfolio and attention to detail make Nathan an asset to the team.
    Contact Nathan
  • Clémence Costeux
    Clémence Costeux
    Villa Rentals Specialist - St Tropez
    Originally from Brittany in the North of France, Clémence fell in love with the French Riviera, in particular Saint-Tropez and 4 years ago she decided to settle there. Graduating with a bachelor's degree in real estate from a major real estate school, Clémence has been passionate about luxury real estate since a very young age and places emphasis on providing loyalty and satisfaction to her clients.
    Contact Clémence Costeux
  • Louise Carillon
    Louise Carillon
    Villa Rentals Specialist - St Tropez
    Louise was born in the city of Lyon, where she studied real estate however visited the Gulf of Saint-Tropez regularly growing up and knows the area like the back of her hand. Louise has been living here for several years and aims to find the best villas for her clients throughout the Gulf. She is passionate about luxury and for her, Saint-Tropez is synonymous with class and elegance. Her passion and affection for the region will inspire you to spend the holiday season on the French Riviera.
    Contact Louise Carillon
  • Ornella Sayah
    Ornella Sayah
    Marketing & Communication Assistant - Cannes office
    Born in La Rochelle and after obtaining her Bachelor's degree in business school, Ornella decided to move to the south of France to discover new horizons and complete an MBA of Luxury Management Web marketing & Digital Communication in Nice. Passionate about luxury and having already had several experiences in real estate, Ornella joined Beauchamp Estates as a marketing and communication assistant, where she combines her knowledge of real estate and marketing with her personal qualities such as rigour, versatility and attention to detail.
    Contact Ornella Sayah
  • Charlotte Serre
    Charlotte Serre
    Sales & Marketing Assistant - Cannes office
    Born in Lyon and attracted to the French Riviera, Charlotte decided to study in Cannes and is now in her final year of studies where she will soon obtain an MBA in Business & Strategy Innovation from a local business school. Attentive and curious, she is passionate about interior design and travelling the world. After discovering luxury real estate during her last year of work experience, Charlotte enjoyed its subtleties and diversities and now wishes to move into this field.
    Contact Charlotte Serre
  • Marina Vial
    Marina Vial
    Sales Assistant - Cannes office
    Growing up by the sea and the sun of Cannes, Marina developed a great passion for luxury real estate. Dreaming of the most beautiful villas on the Côte d'Azur, it was only natural that she turned to this work-study opportunity in which she developed multiple commercial skills combining technique and passion. Currently in her final year of a Master's degree at a business school, Marina would like to use her commercial training to continue her career in the field of negotiation.
    Contact Marina Vial
  • Saida Kheyi
    Saida Kheyi
    Administration & Finance Manager - France
    With over 18 years experience in accounting and finance, Saida brings her experienced knowledge in accounting, social, legal, finance, cash flow management and cost-cutting skills to the company. She works with all departments within the agency, supporting them in order to ensure the business is stable.
    Contact Saida Kheyi
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