Real estate investing in Monaco and around

The main attraction Monaco business is undeniably its tax. The absence of taxes - except for French nationals - on income, capital gains and capital attracts the richest people in the world on the rock wishing to settle in main residence.
Monaco are now more than 35 000 people for only 2 km ² in area. Land is scarce and the princely state was even built on the sea to gain ground. However, these great works are not sufficient to meet the demands from around the world.
Neighboring towns such as Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, Beausoleil, Cap d'Ail also take the value and justly with them beautiful real estate services. It is not uncommon for Monaco residents to have a rich heritage real estate around the principality. More frequently, prestigious properties sought in Monaco will be high end penthouse apartment while in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, Cap d'Ail and Beausoleil, the owners prefer to invest in luxury villas and private estates, in order to enjoy spaces, greenery and stunning views over the sea.
The presence of a wealthy foreign customers staying in Monaco and leisure all year to live is also justified by the hospital services of the highest quality, the presence of renowned international schools and security provided by CCTV 24/24 , the number of high security - a police officer per 100 people and advanced infrastructure to manage any incident. All these elements justify regular record sales of goods of prestige in the principality. Prices sometimes reach the € 100 000 per square meter, and beyond for products absolutely rare, such as townhouses and penthouses with large living srface. Also note that prices per square meter vary considerably for two luxury apartments, one downstairs and one upstairs high level with panoramic sea.

Life in Monaco and around

Monaco, chic and sporty city, is of course world famous for its Formula 1 Grand Prix and its inevitable circuit, his Masters Tennis and prestigious concerts at the Sporting Summer. Private beaches, nautical terms, spas and upscale health, everything is there to relax. Cultural and entertaining, it concentrates many prestigious addresses and one after the other: a welcoming harbor dreams the most beautiful yachts from around the world and his fans during the Yacht Show, palaces and luxury hotels the majestic architecture, famous casinos and gourmet restaurants Stars .
The art there is also an important place with its beautiful galleries, the Opera of Monaco and his famous ballets. Other famous high-end entertainment, clubs and bars Exclusive and trendy lounges worthy of Paris and London in high season. The Jimmy'z club is one of the attractions of the principality.
The clientele is cosmopolitan and trendy like the Monaco shopping for jewelry, watches and luxury boutiques. The principality is also very popular for its Security and tax. All large private banks there and offer customized services to large investors.
Finally, around Monaco are attractive by beautiful scenery and architecture Belle Epoque: Cap d'Ail for his beautiful and rare private beaches, such as the Mala beach, far from mass tourism, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin for his beautiful walks along the coast, the charm of ancient olive trees Park and the prestigious Grand Hotel du Cap where emperors stayed and oligarchs, Beausoleil finally its incredible panorama on Monaco and Mediterranean, a real estate Belle Epoque style and glitzy former palaces.


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