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Invest in the region of Cannes

Investment Cannes and surroundings

Ideally located between two destinations of the Riviera, St. Tropez and Monaco, Cannes is also the city’s most cosmopolitan and vibrant year in the region. This small town of 80,000 inhabitants receives each year as many as 1.8 million visitors, including 250 000 participants. It shall in particular its success to its legendary Film Festival, one of the most publicized events in the world and broadcast on more than 2000 journalists present on the occasion.
The many events, conferences and congresses in the city continuously and climate have been very favorable in highly developed tourism. Businessmen in mid season are immediately relayed by a cosmopolitan clientele in the summer holidays. Americans, Europeans, North and East, but Australia Middle Easterners make their favorite destination.
Thus, Cannes in recent years the largest increase in house prices of the Côte d’Azur. The rental investment in Cannes is indeed very profitable and secure. This growth is such that the price per square meter of the city glitter catching up with the most expensive cities on the Riviera such as Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat and St Tropez. Now, the famous Croisette – reached prices of around € 50,000 per square meter than the most beautiful avenues of Paris.
Cannes offers very few products at the water such as those present in Cap Ferrat and Cap d’Antibes. However, many luxury buildings are aligned along the seafront on the hills slightly inland from the coast, we find splendid villas with very nice amenities and incredible sea view these properties still have affordable, however, never ceasing to climb year after year. For a villa of 300-350m ², in a beautiful area with beautiful views and quality services, it will take at least 5 million euros.

Life in and around Cannes

Bathing, sports, cultural and lifestyle, Cannes has many strengths. It has many public and private beaches quality, excellent restaurants, hotels, spas and luxury palaces along the Croisette.
Cannes is also a must for shopping. The best consumer brands and small Parisian designer brands in fashion are all one after the other on the rue d’Antibes while on the Croisette you will find the finest couture brands, leather goods, watches and jewelry luxury.
The city has two major ports welcoming the many boaters from enjoying the summer of prestigious events organized in the best clubs of the city with world-renowned artists and DJs. Cannes also has good sports facilities. You will find stadiums, tennis courts and swimming pools for you to spend.
From a cultural point of view, Cannes has some nice modern art galleries in the old town and in the center. The islands of Lerins, beautiful, wild and marked by a medieval past are of great interest to all vacationers. The sea is a beautiful azure blue, the lush and rich history of these places and mysterious. Indeed, the famous legend of the Iron Mask would place in the imposing fortress of the island of St. Marguerite, while the monastery of Saint-Honorat Island, historical site, you can taste the specialties of the monastic viticulture .
Finally, Cannes is ideally located 30 minutes from Nice airport at 1:30 of the first winter sports resorts of San Remo – Italian border town – and the beaches of St. Tropez.

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