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Mouans Sartoux Properties for Sale

Mouans Sartoux Properties for Sale

Nestled between Cannes and Grasse you'll find the French Riviera village of Mouans Sartoux. Life here means you get the best of both worlds. Close enough to the sea and all of the action that comes with iconic towns like Cannes and Antibes, but far enough away to get some breathing space and enjoy the outstanding natural beauty of this area. Take a look at our Mouans Sartoux properties for sale and get in touch to arrange a viewing.

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About Mouans Sartoux and Our Luxury Properties for Sale


  • Post code: 06084 / 06370
  • Region: Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
  • Department: Alpes-Maritimes
  • Population: 10,290
  • Elevation: 40 - 321 m
  • Geo-coordinates: 43°37′16″N 6°58′21″E
  • Distance to Nice airport: 28.1 km (23 mins drive)
  • More info on Wikipedia


Nestled in the countryside between Grasse and Cannes, Mouans Sartoux is a Medieval village with a decidedly modern twist. Originally 2 separate villages known as Mouans and Sartoux, in 1858 Napoleon III joined the towns together and officially named the commune Mouans Sartoux. Both individually and as a commune, Mouans Sartoux has had quite an eventful past. In 1350, the village was abandoned altogether after being decimated by the plague and pirates from further down the coast. But in the 15th Century, the Lord of Mouans invited 60 families from nearby Genoa to move to the French Riviera and settle in both villages. Within a few years, the area became known for producing wine and oil from the vines and olive trees planted by the Genoans, and the village still celebrates its rural heritage today with numerous festivals throughout the year.

While wine and oil may have been the village’s chief exports for many years, more recently Mouans Sartoux has also been known for producing silk and flowers. From the 18th century up until the 1940’s, the village had a flourishing silk-worm nursery and the village women could be heard singing in the streets as they spun delicate sheets of silk by hand. And the fields around the town are still used to produce sweet smelling jasmine and roses for the perfume industry in nearby Grasse. Mouans Sartoux’s close proximity to the perfume capital was also fundamental to the town being chosen to test the first ever electrified railway line in France. In 1911, an electric track was installed between Mouans Sartoux and Grasse and the town sent wagons full of flower petals up the line to the perfume factories. The railway line was shut down in 1938 and disused for many years but reopened in 2005 connecting Mouans Sartoux to Grasse once again.

With its picturesque village centre and beautiful scenery, Mouans Sartoux has attracted many an artist over the years, and there are several galleries and museums in the town today. The town’s 3-towered Chateau was once the object of an intense feud between Suzanne de Villeneuve and the Duke of Savoy but now houses a contemporary art museum with 2 resident artists. And although Mouans Sartoux no longer relies on agriculture as its main industry, the village recently opened an impressive museum which showcases traditional activities from the region. Of course, Mouans Sartoux also has a long-standing link to the literary world and has hosted the largest book festival on the French Riviera for the last 30 years. Every October, thousands of visitors flock to Mouans Sartoux to hear authors from all over the world discuss their latest works in the most idyllic of surroundings.

With the resort towns of Cannes and Antibes just a short drive away, Mouans Sartoux is perfectly placed to be your French Riviera home away from home. World class shopping and restaurants are all right on your doorstep, and of course, you’ll have a front row seat for all the top international events held in the South of France throughout the year. Head down the coast to St Tropez to sample the VIP bars and clubs or pop over the border to neighbouring Italy to spend a few hours browsing the boutiques before having lunch in the sunshine. Charter a yacht and discover the secret coves and deserted beaches along the coast between Monaco and Cannes or simply stroll around the Medieval ramparts in Antibes and admire the view. From thrilling water sports to luxury boutiques, Provençal markets to magnificent museums, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this part of the world.

With its old-fashioned charm and modern pace, life is good in Mouans Sartoux. The streets in the centre of the village are filled with flowers, and the symmetrical layout means there’s always another historical fountain or monument just around the corner. Sun-drenched tree-lined squares are the ideal place for a leisurely stroll while there are dozens of hiking trails to be found in the nearby forests. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning the town hosts a weekly produce market with stall after stall of locally grown fruit and vegetables plus freshly baked bread and pastries. And throughout the year, Mouans Sartoux lives up to its reputation as a festival town and host events to celebrate anything and everything from pottery to wine. Sip your morning coffee on the terrace of a traditional French bistro, or enjoy a delicious dinner at one of the many restaurants around the town, this is laidback Provençal living at its best.


Surrounded by forests and rural countryside, the little town of Mouans Sartoux is a delightful spot to call home in the South of France. Whether you’re looking for a permanent base or a holiday home in the sunshine, you’ll love life in this part of the world. Just minutes away from both the beaches and the mountains, Mouans Sartoux is the perfect place to invest in luxury real estate here on the French Riviera.

The French are famous for their wonderful cuisine and the restaurant scene in Mouans Sartoux more than lives up to all the hype. There are dozens of restaurants and bistros all over town with a fabulous choice of cuisines. From traditional French cooking to Italian pizza and pasta, Asian fusion dishes to fresh sushi, you’ll soon discover that there’s no such thing as a bad meal here in Mouans Sartoux.

And when it comes to food, it’s not just the restaurant scene which will keep you coming back for more. Mouans Sartoux also hosts a Provençal market twice a week in the Place du Général de Gaulle. On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, grab your wicker basket and head down to the market to pick up some fresh produce from the stalls lining the square. With everything from fresh meat and fish to artisan bread and cheese on offer, plus of course home-grown fruit and vegetables, shopping locally has never been more convenient or delicious!

If shopping is one of your passions, you’ll be pleased to know that Mouans Sartoux also has a fantastic selection of boutiques and stores. Browse for the latest fashions and homeware in the high street or take a stroll around the village centre for one-of-a-kind gifts or locally-made soaps and perfumes. And with Cannes just 15 minutes away you’ll also have the designer boutiques along the Croisette at your fingertips, so you’ve got the perfect excuse to shop til you drop while you’re in town.

Another advantage to living in the French Riviera is the lovely climate. Thanks to year-round warm temperatures and blue skies, Mouans Sartoux is a great spot to make the most of all the exciting leisure activities available in the local area. With acres of unspoilt forest right on your doorstep, there are several hiking trails with stunning views over the Esterel mountains to explore on foot or on horseback. And down on the coast in nearby Cannes and Antibes, you’ll find a thrilling range of watersports to enjoy, along with miles of beautiful sandy beaches. With several sports centres, a football stadium, tennis courts, skate parks, golf club and even an archery range, it’s safe to say that sports fans and outdoor enthusiasts will feel right at home here in Mouans Sartoux.

If you prefer a relaxing visit to the spa to an afternoon’s hiking, you won’t be disappointed with Mouans Sartoux’s selection of wellness centres and health clubs. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage at one of the town’s many spas or take a private pilates class with a personal trainer in the privacy of your own home. After all, looking good and feeling great is a way of life here on the French Riviera.

With long-standing connections to both the art and literary worlds, Mouans Sartoux is home to several museums and art galleries. Discover more about the town’s agricultural past at the “Reflets d'un monde rural” museum or visit the contemporary art museum at the “L'Espace de l'Art Concret”. On the outskirts of town you’ll find the stunning International Perfume Museum gardens with a breath-taking array of fragrant flowers, while in the heart of Mouans Sartoux, the 16th-century chateau is well worth a visit. Spend time admiring the chateau’s unusual triangular form and 3 towers, then head outside into the beautiful grounds filled with Mediterranean trees and greenery.

Thanks to its symmetrical layout, the centre of Mouans Sartoux is ideal for a morning stroll or an after dinner evening walk. Make your way through the narrow streets and explore some of the town’s historical monuments. In the Place d’Eglise you’ll find a pretty 15th-century chapel with a collection of religious artwork and statues, and just outside, a water fountain dating back to 1873. Discover the traditional village laundry which was used by the townswomen well into the 20th century or enjoy a coffee in the quiet Place Suzanne de Villeneuve. We may have moved on from the days when the village square was the heart of Mouans Sartoux, but there’s always time to sit and chat in the sunshine on the French Riviera.

The village square is also home to many of the festivals held in Mouans Sartoux throughout the year. Although the literary festival might be the best-known event in the town’s social calendar, the locals are renowned for celebrating anything and everything. Enjoy a taste of honey at the annual apiary festival, take the kids along to the games festival in June or dance the night away at one of the many balls held throughout the summer months. From wine to theatre, books to music, there’s never a dull moment when you live in Mouans Sartoux.


Ideally located between the coast and the hills, Mouans Sartoux has a great selection of luxury real estate to offer investors. Whether you’re looking to be in the centre of all the action or prefer the peace and tranquility of the countryside, we have a wide range of properties for sale in and around the village. To help you find just the right spot, here are a few things to consider when purchasing your new home in the South of France:

  • Views: There’s no denying it, the French Riviera is one of the most beautiful places in the world. And Mouans Sartoux is definitely blessed with more than its fair share of glorious scenery. Take a look at our selection of luxury real estate with a view to find a new home in this little corner of paradise for you and your family.

  • Outdoor space: One of the biggest advantages of French Riviera living is the year round sunshine and warm temperatures. So why not make the most of that glorious Mediterranean climate and opt for one of our many properties with a terrace or garden in Mouans Sartoux.

  • Guestrooms: If you’re buying a home in the South of France, chances are you’ll be receiving lots of visitors, particularly during the summer season. Many of our properties have guest suites or even independent apartments within the grounds, the perfect space to host your guests in comfort and style.

  • Summer kitchens: And with visitors come leisurely lunches and long summer evenings spent at home. So why not take a look at our range of properties in Mouans Sartoux with outdoor lounges/summer kitchens to ensure your new home is everybody’s favourite space to relax on the French Riviera.

  • Parking: When it comes to cars, it’s worth thinking about buying a property with private parking or a garage in Mouans Sartoux. Like the rest of the French Riviera, parking spaces are difficult to come by during the summer months so having your own spot is definitely a bonus.

  • Storage: Whether you plan to use your new property as a family home or a summer residence, storage is always welcome. Many of our properties in Mouans Sartoux are sold with an underground cellar or additional storage area to ensure plenty of space for your personal belongings.


The lively little village of Mouans Sartoux is without a doubt, one of the prettiest on the French Riviera. Known for its festivals, markets and active social calendar, there’s always something going on in the town centre. And with both the mountains and the Mediterranean just a short drive away, there are dozens of reasons to choose Mouans Sartoux as your French Riviera base:

  • The climate: If you’re looking for year-round sunshine and warm temperatures, you’ve come to the right place. Thanks to its Mediterranean climate, Mouans Sartoux enjoys mild winters and long hot summers with plenty of all-important beach weather.

  • The region: Set in the countryside around Grasse, Mouans Sartoux is just minutes from the chic beach resorts of Cannes and Antibes. Glamorous St Tropez, Monaco and Italy are all just a short car ride away and in winter time the ski stations of the Southern Alps are right on your doorstep.

  • The location: Sitting in the hinterland between Cannes and Grasse, Mouans Sartoux is ideally located in the heart of the French Riviera. And at less than 30 minutes away from the Nice Côte d'Azur International Airport, the village is easily accessible all year round.

  • The social calendar: Known locally as the “festival town”, Mouans Sartoux is famous for its exciting social calendar. And with Cannes and Antibes just down the road, you’ll also be on hand to catch the French Riviera’s best-known international events throughout the year.

  • The restaurant scene: Mouans Sartoux has a fantastic selection of places to eat out, ranging from cheerful local pizza places to elegant restaurants serving nouvelle cuisine.

  • The culture: Famous for its annual literary festival, Mouans Sartoux also has some excellent museums and art galleries plus a modern cinema with screenings of all the latest blockbusters.

  • The history: Dating back to Medieval times, glimpses of Mouans Sartoux’s past are still visible today thanks to the beautifully-preserved historical monuments and landmarks all over the village.

  • The surroundings: Situated in the flatlands around Grasse, Mouans Sartoux is surrounded by lush fields filled with Mediterranean greenery and flowers. Discover a network of hiking trails through the forests around the town and take in some of the most beautiful scenery on the French Riviera. As the tourist office says, ‘It feels good to live in Mouans Sartoux’.


Known for its exciting social calendar, Mouans Sartoux holds festivals and celebrations throughout the year. From pottery to photography, in Mouans Sartoux, there’s a festival for that. And with so much going on every month, you’ll always find something to enjoy in this vibrant little town.

  • Carnival ~ March
  • Honey Festival ~ April
  • Photo Festival ~ May
  • Spring Festival ~ May
  • Fête des Groules ~ May
  • Children’s Art Festival ~ June
  • Games Festival ~ June
  • Fête de la Musique ~ June
  • Festival of St Jean’s Fires ~ June
  • Evening concerts in the Château ~ July
  • Summer Balls~ July
  • Theatre Festival ~ August
  • Nature Festival ~ August
  • Crossover Music & Gastronomy Festival~ September
  • Art, Brain & Uncertainty Symposium ~ September
  • Festival of the Siagne Canal ~ September
  • Literary Festival ~ October
  • Santon Festival ~ November- December
  • Stamp Festival~ November
  • Diapofolies ~ December
  • Light Festival~ December
  • Christmas market ~ December


If the pretty town of Mouans Sartoux has caught your eye, why not check out our selection of luxury real estate on offer to find your dream home. Our international team are on hand to give you more details, organise viewings and guide you through the process of purchasing property here on the French Riviera.

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