Anthology: A collection of luxury homes with history

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Anthology: A collection of luxury homes with history

Over the years, Beauchamp Estates has had the privilege of being asked to market, sell and let some of the finest homes in the world for clients who include Royalty, heads of government and business tycoons.

To market these properties, it is important to tell their story, to explain their provenance and history, perhaps shine a light on a famous past resident, and focus on explaining what makes the address so special. It is about telling a story that captures a buyer or tenant’s imagination, sticks in their mind, makes them want to tour the property, and make it their home.

Sometimes this storytelling is straightforward; for example the property is extremely famous and there is a lot of existing, publicly available, information about its history on the internet and in published books and records. However there are many times where the history or interesting details about a property have become obscured, overlooked or forgotten, the information listed in registers or papers that have long since been archived or shut away in library storage.

This is where dedicated and meticulous research on our part is required. For this we often employ the use of a professional historian who works in the heritage and planning arenas. We also set our marketing and press office team to dedicate time to researching historical records and press cuttings to investigate the background of a property. The results are often a combination of registered and anecdotal evidence that is then used to help create a powerful narrative about a property to make our marketing compelling and interesting.

In this book we have brought together some of the interesting property stories we have been involved with over the years. All the stories covered in this book are for instructions where Beauchamp Estates acted as sole or joint sole agents for the property.

The objective is to provide readers with an enjoyable collection of stories that underline the quality and prestige of the instructions that Beauchamp Estates manage.

This book also demonstrates how we go above and beyond for our clients when it comes to the marketing of their properties, not just listing accommodation details and showcasing photography or videos.
Our aim is always to make the properties we market come alive and capture the attention of buyers and tenants. Happy reading.

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