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Port Tel Aviv

Property reference: ILB0047
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Full Description

Port Tel Aviv is a new and revolutionary luxury residence and hotel designed by Mr. Ilan Pivko, setting a new standard in luxury lifestyle in the city that never stops.

Port Tel Aviv seamlessly merges the Mediterranean Sea and blue sky aesthetic into a perfect combination of unadulterated beauty and sheer comfort that can be your home. The property is located right in the pulse of the hottest spots of the thriving Mediterranean city of Tel Aviv. From nightlife and dining, shopping and leisure and beyond, these elements alone envelope a lifestyle experience that turns your dream vacation into everyday life. From the stunning building and lobby entrance, state-of-the-art spa and wellness centre to the luxurious penthouses with private pools, Port Tel Aviv is a  world class residential building and hotel that caters to the most seasoned and discerning travellers, and for some, one’s own permanent residence and second home.

The uppermost six floors of Port Tel Aviv are designated for private residences ranging from three, four and five-bedroom apartments, and sprawling, spacious penthouses. Each of the units are interior designed in the finest materials (glass, steel, marble, oak, ceramic tiles) and state-of-the-art technology to the highest level, incorporating a dream-like aesthetic that celebrates the natural landscape of sea, sun and sky in your very home.

Port Tel Aviv champions an acute attention to design and decor. From the use of top-tier materials, cooling and heating systems, lighting schemes and beyond, we’ve created a seamless product of unparalleled qualities to the very last detail.

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  • 24-hour security in the lobby, 7 days per week
  • A stylish and welcoming lobby space replete with concierge services located at the entrance to the hotel
  • Daily cleaning services at the highest level available on demand according to the very needs of each resident
  • A well-equipped gym with the most state-of-the-art equipment and training machines, open 7 days a week including holidays


We go great lengths to ensure our residents are looking and feeling their best at all times. The property’s management team can provide a personal stylist for guests, an in-house tailoring service for custom-made apparel, beauty treatments including make-up and hair styling, as well as spa treatments, alternative medicine treatments, wellness and beauty services in the property’s sumptuous spa facility.


In addition to the year-round temperate weather, Tel Aviv is known and celebrated for its delectable culinary offerings. Residents of Port Tel Aviv will be able to enjoy the best of the city’s dining scene and Israeli cuisine on the property itself. From high-quality service and private meals by the property’s in-house chef to full table-dressing services, exclusive dining facilities in your very own home and on-demand bar services featuring the best of Israeli and international wines and spirits, we go above and beyond to ensure our guests are satiated at all times.


Resident of Port Tel Aviv will have exclusive access to personalized cultural and entertainment services through the property’s concierge, ranging from dinner reservations, VIP seating in the city’s leading concert, opera and dance halls, easy access to art galleries and museums and other cultural events, along with babysitting services.


Residents of Port Tel Aviv may offer up their units as monthly rents, handled by the hotel management company.


Port Tel Aviv residents have access to personalized security services and VIP airport transport including licensed bodyguards and security agents by Israel’s leading companies.


As an extra gesture for our residents, we can coordinate flight bookings in Israel and abroad, including private flights and helicopter transport across the country. For the savvy sailor or sea-enthusiast, we can arrange private yacht rides staffed with a skipper and decked with gourmet food and beverages, along with standardized recreational boats or even help arrange the purchase of a private yacht.


From a floor-to-ceiling cleaning of your private residence, to laundry and ironing services, technical solutions, custom shopping offerings, flower arrangements, interior design services and beyond, we understand the true meaning of luxury and ensure our guests are treated with the finest maintenance possible.

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